How To Find Husbands Recently Used Emojis?

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The recently used emojis on smartphones can be incredibly useful when it comes to quickly messaging friends and family.

How To Find Husbands Recently Used Emojis?

They update often with new emojis that you’ve used throughout the day so that you can quickly pick them again if you want to use the same ones. 

However, recently used emojis can also be used for some detective work.

More and more people are starting to trust the recently used emoji feature to determine whether their significant other is being unfaithful. 


Today we’re looking into how you can find your husband’s recently used emojis to see what they’ve been sending to others. 

How To See Other People’s Recently Used Emojis?

Unfortunately, there is no way that you can currently see someone else’s recently used emojis.

This is local to their phone only, so you will have to get onto their phone and open the messages app in order to see their emojis. 

If you know the password for your husband’s phone, then this should not be an issue. Simply log onto their phone and find their emoji keyboard.

Swipe the keyboard from left to right to move to their recently used emojis. 

What Are Frequently Used Emojis?

Apple calls the tab that you have just swiped to ‘Frequently Used’ emojis.

However, they have come out with a statement that actually disproves this, saying that the emojis within this tab are recently used emojis instead of frequently used ones. 


This means that you might have emojis under this tab that you have only used once before, although it is being called frequently. 

Emojis To Look For When Snooping Through Your Husband’s Phone

If you’re looking for suspicious emojis in your husband’s recently used list, you might not have much time before he finds you on his phone to analyze what they mean.

Here is a list of the most commonly used emojis that might hint at an unfaithful partner. 

Bear in mind that if he has sent these emojis to you, that could be the reason why they’re in his recently used list.

Make sure that he hasn’t sent them to you before you accuse him of anything! 

Bone Emoji 

The bone emoji is often used to ask someone if they want to hook up – or bone, if you will.

A quick bone emoji with a question mark is the ideal way to sneakily send an invitation without being caught. 

Eggplant Emoji 

The eggplant emoji is a phallic one that can be sent to someone when you’re describing said phallic object.

Husbands might be using this emoji to describe their manhood, or ask if the recipient wants some eggplant. 

Banana Emoji 

An alternative to the eggplant emoji. This could be a more subtle way of describing their manhood.

However, it’s still pretty obvious when you’re sending a banana emoji to someone what you’re talking about, right? 

Peach Emoji 

The peach emoji is the universal sign for booty. Everyone knows what the peach emoji is used for, so it won’t have been very clever of your husband to have used this emoji. 

Sushi Emoji 

Sushi is an emoji that refers to a female’s sex organ. We’re unsure of how it got to this point, but it’s still a universal code for that part of the body. 

How To Find Husbands Recently Used Emojis?

Taco Emoji 

Again, taco emojis are used in code for a vagina. Tacos are filled with meat, and so is the emoji, so you can get the idea of why this is a bad emoji to find in your husband’s recently used. 

Cherries Emoji 

Cherries are code for testicles. They might also be used to describe a booty, but this is often reserved for the peach emoji. 

Carrot Emoji 

Similar to the eggplant and banana, a carrot emoji might be a less obvious descriptor of the male sex organ.

If someone is trying to be discreet while still talking about the same subject matter, a carrot might be used. Because, again, why else would you use the carrot emoji? 

Strawberry Emoji 

The strawberry emoji is one that is more incognito than many others, but why else would you be sending a strawberry emoji?

This emoji lets the recipient know that the sender is ripe and ready to go, so get ready. 

Chili Pepper Emoji

The chili pepper emoji is used to tell someone that they’re spicy or hot. If someone wanted to heat something up, the chili pepper would be sent.

This emoji could be used to describe a spicy evening, how good someone looked in a photo, or how hot their messages are. 

Are Recently Used Emojis Accurate?

Before you start screaming at your husband for having the cherries and sushi emojis in their recently used tab, consider the fact that this tab is not always 100% accurate.

It’s not uncommon for someone to accidentally choose the wrong emoji and send it to someone. 

Similarly, if you press an emoji but don’t actually send it, they can still pop up in your recently used list!

So, while your husband might have some suspicious emojis in their recently used list, it’s not always what you think it is. 

Some people have even declared that their recently used emojis are completely off and full of emojis that they’ve never seen before! 

It might be worth talking to your husband about his recently used emojis if you find anything suspicious, before you have an argument with them.

He might have just been describing how much he loved his carrot and peach cobbler he had!


Unfortunately there is no way of viewing your husband’s recently used emojis without going on his phone first.

So, find a time when he’s away from his phone so that you can take a sneak peek of the emojis. 

Once you’re on the phone, head to the messages app and find the emoji keyboard. Swipe right to find the recently used emojis, inaccurately labeled ‘frequently used’ emojis.

You have now found all of the emojis that your husband has been using recently. What you do with that information is up to you. Good luck!