Anti Meme vs Bonehurtingjuice (key Differences to Know!)

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Memes have become an increasingly important part of the internet, with many people uploading images or videos in response to current events, pop culture, or other phenomena.

Meme culture has become so popular that it’s even managed to infiltrate social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. Unfortunately, as is often the case with online subcultures, it didn’t take long for the meme world to be over-saturated with derivative and unoriginal content.

In the past year alone, two new meme pages have been created specifically for anti-memes: Anti Meme and Bonehurtingjuice. Both pages have millions of followers and post almost exclusively anti-memes on a daily basis.

However, there are several key differences between these pages and their anti-meme content. Here is a look at some of their similarities and differences.

Anti Meme vs Bonehurtingjuice

Anti Meme vs Bonehurtingjuice

The term “anti-meme” refers to a meme that mocks or criticizes the concept of memes.

However, when we talk about “anti-memes” specifically, we’re talking about memes that mock other memes.

In the case of anti-meme pages like Anti Meme and Bonehurtingjuice, the majority of their content is anti-memes related to other anti-meme pages.

Bonehurtingjuice: Know the basics Bonehurtingjuice (or BHJ) is one of the most successful anti-meme pages to date. It was created in April 2018 and has amassed more than 11 million followers in the span of 8 months.

BHJ’s success can be attributed to its unique formula. The page posts a mixture of original content, anti-memes, and memes created by other pages. Additionally, many of their posts feature spam-like sentences that are riddled with spelling mistakes.

Differences Between Bhj and Other Anti-Memes Pages

As mentioned, BHJ posts a significant amount of content from other anti-meme pages.

They even post a lot of anti-anti memes, which are memes that criticize other anti-meme pages.


The difference between BHJ and other anti-anti meme pages is that BHJ doesn’t mock or criticize the other anti-anti meme pages. Rather, they make fun of the content posted by the anti-anti meme pages.

This is an example of the “tit-for-tat” approach that BHJ uses. Essentially, BHJ is saying, “We’re going to make fun of you for making fun of other meme pages.” In some cases, BHJ even makes fun of other anti-anti meme pages that criticize them.


In conclusion, anti-memes are essentially memes that criticize other memes. Anti-meme pages like Anti Meme and Bonehurtingjuice produce anti-memes almost exclusively and have become increasingly popular over the past year.

While both pages have millions of followers and post almost exclusively anti-memes, there are several key differences between them.