Twitch Gif Emotes List

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Twitch is one of the largest sources of streaming video content on the internet. It’s also a leading platform for users interested in esports and video games. With over 10 million streamers broadcasting every week and 100 million monthly viewers, Twitch has become an important part of the gaming culture.

Come to think about it, what do we love most about watching someone play games? That’s right – a goofy reaction or an ecstatic outburst from our favorite streamer. Whether they be huge or tiny, these reactions are so common with gamers that they have even been given their own name: twitch gifs.

Here are some amazing examples of twitch emote usage by popular streamers. If you want to learn more about them, keep reading.

Twitch Gif Emotes List

Twitch Gif Emotes List

A gif is an image file that can loop through a series of still images to create an animated image.


This is a similar principle to how video works. While the file extension of a gif is generally ‘.gif’, they can also be ‘.webm’ or ‘.mp4’. Twitch allows users to add gifs to their profile, or you can use them in chat by posting an image URL or by copying and pasting the gif code from sites like gifyoup or gifyo.

There are thousands of different gifs with various uses on Twitch. They can be used to express how you are feeling, react to something in the stream, or just be silly. If you’re looking to get more involved with Twitch, gifs are a great way to show your personality and get involved in the community.

Below is a list of the most used Twitch Emotes

  1. Tri Hard
  2. Empi Swag
  3. Chipsa Kek
  4. Homy Lol
  5. Hey Guys
  6. Kreygasm
  7. Lul
  8. Red Coat
  9. Kappa
  10. Chipsa Yil
  11. Pog Champ
  12. Xqc L
  13. Bible Thump

Types of Twitch Emotes

Below is a list of Types of Twitch Emotes.

Cloud – A floating cloud. Representative of a user’s “cloud-based”, or non-localized, connection to the internet. This can be used to indicate that a user is experiencing poor internet at the moment.

Face Palm – A hand to the face. This emoji can be used to express frustration with something that has happened or to indicate that you’ve made a mistake.

Flushed – A reddening of the face. This emoji can be used to express embarrassment or to indicate that someone’s blood is boiling with rage.


Frog – A frog emoji. This can be used to indicate that something is not a big deal or to express your indifference to something. Thumbs Down – A hand with a down thumb. This emoji can be used to express disapproval or to indicate that you didn’t enjoy something.

Dazed and Confused – A confuzzled-looking face. This emoji can be used to express confusion or to indicate that you are feeling confused.

Crying Laughing – A person who is crying while laughing. This emoji can be used to indicate that a situation is so funny that you are crying while laughing.

Heart Eyes – A large heart in the eyes. This emoji can be used to express extreme fondness or infatuation with something or someone. Carrot – A carrot emoji. This emoji can be used to indicate that something is carrot-worthy or that you’re on the hunt for carrots.

Dancing – Two hands in the air forming a heart. This emoji can be used to express extreme happiness or delight.

Best Way to Find Twitch Gifs

There are a ton of places to find twitch gifs and there are even a few ways to make your own.

There are websites that specialize in hosting free gifs and even offer ways to create your own. There are also a lot of apps that let you search and add them to your posts. Keep in mind that some apps will let you add gifs directly to your posts, which can sometimes lead to an increased likelihood of being detected by the Twitch moderators. We recommend saving the gifs to your computer and then uploading them manually.

How to Find and Save Twitch Gifs

Finding the perfect gif for your stream is an art form in and of itself.

When you find one you like, make sure you’re saving it to the correct file type. For Twitch-related gifs, you’re going to want to make sure the file type is .gif. It’s important to remember that you can’t just download gifs from Twitch and put them in your stream. This is because Twitch has a feature called content ID, which scans all images uploaded to the site.

f it recognizes an image as copyrighted material, it will automatically block it. Luckily, there are a few ways to get around this. One is to use a service that lets you find and download gifs directly from Twitch. If you’re using a Mac, you can also use the built-in screen recording software, Quicktime, to record a gif and then save it.


Streaming and gaming on platforms like Twitch and Mixer is a huge part of modern culture. It’s not just a pastime, either; it’s a sport, an industry, and a way of life for many. This article has explored the world of twitch gifs and how they can be used in the streaming and gaming culture.

We have explained what a twitch gif is and the different types of gifs that are used on the site. We have also explored the best way to find gifs and how to save them for use on your channel. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article as much as we’ve enjoyed writing it.