Types of Gif (What You Should Know)

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The world of animated GIF files has become quite a trend on social media and image-sharing websites such as Tumblr and Imgur. Everyone is experimenting with different types of GIFs to make their audience laugh, smile, or simply have fun. However, creating an animated GIF file isn’t the easiest thing to do.

Luckily for you, this blog post will explain everything you need to know about creating your own animated GIFs and the different types of them out there. If you are reading this article it means that you either want to create your own animated GIFs or maybe just learn more about them in general.

Either way, read on as we take a look at some of the most important details regarding these images and what makes them tick.

Types of Gif

Types of Gif

A GIF file is a type of image that can be saved as a digital file.


These images can be saved in a variety of sizes and dimensions, but unfortunately, there’s no standardized size for all animated GIF files so you’ll have to experiment with your image size when creating your own. In the old days, GIF files were used for a variety of purposes, but in today’s world, they are mainly used for creating funny and entertaining images.

GIFs are very popular in social media and are used more often than ever before. GIFs are also often used to promote brands or products, as they typically catch a viewer’s attention thanks to their humor or entertainment factor. If you are looking to use GIFs to promote your product or brand, it’s important to use animated GIFs.

Animated GIFs make products or brands feel more human by giving them a personality that people can connect with. Below is a list of Animated GIF file types. There are a few different types of animated GIFs that you can create, each with its own unique effects and visual style. These include 2D Animated GIFs, 3D Animated GIFs, and Video Game GIFs. Let’s take a look at what each of these file types entails.

– 2D Animated GIFs – These are the most common types of GIF images, and are usually used in social media posts and memes. They are also great for branding purposes and can be used to help promote a product or service. Most 2D Animated GIF files are created using one of two methods: frame-by-frame or layer-based.

There are some programs out there designed specifically for creating 2D Animated GIF files. Programs like GIF Brewery, Animatron, and GIMP can all be used to create 2D Animated GIF files.

– 3D Animated GIFs – These types of animated GIF files are used mainly for advertising purposes and are commonly found in commercials and product advertisements. 3D Animated GIFs are made using 3D modeling programs and are much easier to create than 2D Animated GIFs. These types of Animated GIF files are made up of 3D graphics and resemble more of a short video than a simple GIF image.

There are many programs out there specifically designed for creating 3D Animated GIFs, including Maya, Blender, and SketchUp.


– Video Game GIFs – These GIFs are commonly made up of screenshots from video games, and are often used for comedic purposes. Video game GIFs are created by taking screenshots from video games and piecing them together to create an animated GIF. Video game GIFs are very popular, as they are typically designed to make the viewer laugh.

There are tons of video game GIFs out there on social media and image-sharing sites like Imgur, and they are used to make people laugh and smile.

How to Create an Animated Gif

If you are creating your own animated GIF file, you will have to use a program designed for this purpose.

There are plenty of programs out there designed specifically for creating animated GIF files. Programs like GIF Brewery, Animatron, and GIMP can all be used to create 2D Animated GIF files. There are also many online tools that can be used to create animated GIFs. Some of my favorite online tools are:

These programs and online tools are great for creating animated GIFs, and they are very user-friendly to boot.

While 2D Animated GIFs

Creating 2D Animated GIF files is very easy, as all you need to do is create a series of images, and then compile them together into one animated image using a program.

GIF Brewery is one of the best programs for creating 2D Animated GIFs. GIF Brewery allows you to create individual images, and then, later on, compile them together into an animated image. While creating an animated image, you should make sure that each image is the same size so that the final product looks neat and clean.

3D Animated GIFs

Creating 3D Animated GIFs is a bit more complicated than creating 2D Animated GIFs. Before you create your Animated GIF, you will first have to create a 3D model using a 3D modeling program.

You can create 3D Animated GIFs using a variety of different modeling programs, but make sure that they are optimized for creating Animated GIFs. When creating your 3D model, you will want to make a scene that is simple, but visually appealing. You can create a scene with any characters or items that you like, as long as they fit with the purpose of your Animated GIF.

Once your model is complete, you will have to export it in a format that can be used in a GIF. Most modeling programs allow you to export your model into an Animated GIF.

Video Game GIFs

Creating a video game GIF is very easy, as all you need to do is take screenshots from video games and piece them together to create an animated image.

If you are creating your Animated GIF from video game screenshots, you will need to make sure that the scenes you choose are exciting and visually appealing. You can compile your screenshots together manually, or you can use a program that allows you to create Animated GIFs from video game screenshots.

A program like this makes creating Animated GIFs from video game screenshots very easy.


This article explained what a GIF file is and the different types of animated GIFs you can create. We looked at how to create animated GIFs using different programs and online tools, and the types of GIFs you can make using each method. Now that you know what GIFs are and how to create them, you can make your own animated GIFs and share them with friends and family on social media.