Emojis That Start with K

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Not many of us can send a text message without adding a few emojis.

Emojis That Start with K

They make any conversation flow and are great fun to use, and what is better is that there are hundreds of them to choose from! Whether you are feeling happy, sad, embarrassed or goofy, there will always be an emoji that meets your needs.

Why Use Emojis?

Emojis are not required to send a message, but they are really fun to use.

Whilst they may seem like simple little icons used when sending texts or reacting on social media, they can really reflect on a person’s emotions.


With hundreds to choose from, none of the emojis come with a label either meaning that every icon is left to be interpreted by the user. But, why use emojis? What’s all the hype?

Using Emojis Lighten the Mood

With someone who uses emojis versus someone who doesn’t, there is a clear difference in the way they come across.

If someone sends a message followed by lots of smiley faces and hearts, then it naturally gives off a positive and relaxed vibe.

If a person isn’t to use any emojis after their message, however, this instead gives off a serious tone. To lighten the mood, emojis are great.

Makes Texting Quick and Fun

If you are an extreme emoji lover, then you may find yourself being sent random emojis all the time.

But little do you know that these emojis may be spelling out a message.

Emojis have deeper meanings to them and can be used instead of typing actual words to relay a message.


For example, a text may show an emoji of a dancing woman, a glass of wine, and musical notes as a way of saying that they are going out drinking and dancing.

When You Struggle to Get the Word Out

Sometimes it can be difficult to put the things that we want to say into words, so the only way we are able to express ourselves is by using emojis.

Emojis are designed to display emotion and are a great tool to use for when you cannot say how you feel. If you are feeling angry, use an angry face.

If you are sleepy, use a bed with a sleepy emoji. With emojis, there is an expression for everything.

Emojis Starting with the Letter K

Emojis Starting with the Letter K

There are hundreds of emojis on our devices that we can use, and with so many to choose from it can be overwhelming.

That’s why in this section we will be highlighting some of our favorite emojis all of which start with the letter K.

Animals and Insects


The koala is a cute and fun-loving emoji to use. It can be interpreted in any way chosen whether you are wanting to be cute or just see it is a fun emoji to have.

Kissing Cat Face

Another emoji in the Animals and Insects section is the kissing cat face.

This is a great emoji to use if you truly mean it (cats don’t go around giving kisses to just anybody!). What’s more is that this is an adorable emoji too which the receiver will love.


The kangaroo emoji is a cute and fun emoji to use and will be great to represent Australia if you are talking about it in conversation or want it in your bio to show where you are from.


Kissing Face with Closed Eyes

If you don’t want to use a cat, then you can always go for the classic kissing face emoji.

This emoji is used to tell someone you love them, either sending to a loved one or a best friend.

This emoji has closed eyes with blushing cheeks, furthering how much they mean to you.

Kissing Face with Smiling Eyes

You can also use this emoji. It is practically the same as the last but instead has smiling eyes.

This takes the emoji one step further, showing the person on the other side how happy you are.



You can use the kimono emoji when talking about something related to its context.

For example, if you are talking about the beautiful Japanese kimono you are going to wear, this will be the perfect emoji to add to the conversation.



This emoji shows two people kissing side by side. This is a simple emoji which can be interpreted however seems fit.

Kiss Woman and Man

If you want to be more specific, you can choose the emoji with the man and woman.

This allows the emoji to be more realistic.

Kiss Man and Man

There is also an option for two males kissing, perfect for if you are wanting something inclusive and accurate.

Kiss Woman and Woman

Lastly, we have the kissing emoji with two women. Just like with the two males, this emoji shows inclusivity and realism.



One emoji which can be interpreted in many ways is the key emoji.

You can use this emoji in the literal sense of a key or you can put your own spin on it, for example having this emoji with a love heart to represent a key to their heart.

Body Parts

Kiss Mark

Another popular emoji used often is the kiss mark emoji. This emoji can either be used as a way to show someone you love them or as a fun little emoji to put next to your name on your social media bio.

Final Thoughts

Emojis are great fun to use and there are so many to choose from.

Above, we have listed many emojis starting with the letter K yet there are many more out there to find! Have fun spreading your love of emojis and try trying out some of our favorites.