Emojis That Start With Y

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Whether you’re sharing a joke with a friend or trying to get a secret crush to fall for you – emojis can be used in any situation.

Emojis are essential when it comes to showing somebody how you’re feeling, and make it much easier to get your message across.

Emojis That Start With ‘Y’

Some emojis, however, are less well-known than others. In this article, we take a look at some of the most popular and less well-known ‘y’ emojis and what exactly they mean. 

What Exactly Is An Emoji?

An emoji can be described as a visual aid for online communication.


They can be used on various apps and platforms to let others know what you’re thinking.

Technically known as pictorial icons, they take the form of many different kinds of smileys and objects.

In today’s culture, their use is so widespread that a movie has even been made about them.

When Were Emojis Invented? 

Surprisingly, emojis were created in 1997 on Japanese mobile phones.

They started out only conveying very basic things, such as different types of facial expressions, as well differences in weather.

Some of the emojis that we use today can be traced back to these early forms, with similar kinds of expressions demonstrated on the faces. 

Emojis Get The Point Across

It can be difficult to articulate yourself verbally online when so much of what you say can be misunderstood by those reading it.


Emojis add another dimension to a post or conversation. Many people find that they can express themselves much better by using emojis as a visual aid.

Because there are so many to choose from, they can convey many different nuances of emotion. Choosing the right emoji, therefore, has a big impact on the person viewing it. 

Emojis Make You More Popular

It has been proven that good use of emojis on social media can increase the popularity of a person or a page.

Researcher Simo Tchokni from the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory and her fellow researchers found that the number of followers for a particular brand was intrinsically linked to the use of emojis. 

Tchokni found that the emoticon is synonymous with high social media performance.

This is because emojis can make people feel positive emotions.

So, if you’re looking to increase your popularity online, make sure to stay up to date with the latest emojis!

Some Lesser Known Emojis Starting With ‘Y’ That You Need To Know About

Some Lesser Known Emojis Starting With ‘Y’ That You Need To Know About

If you’re looking for emojis beginning with the letter ‘y’, you’ve come to the right place. Below you will find a list of emojis with the letter ‘y’ and their meanings.

The Letter Y Emoji 

The letter Y emoji is what we call a regional indicator symbol.

If you’ve never heard of that description, it basically means that each letter of the alphabet, when they are used together, can create new emojis.

So for example, if you were to use the letters Y and E together, you would get a suggestion for the Yemen flag.

The combination of these letters creates the emoji of the Yemen flag.

The Yemen Flag

There is an emoji of the Yemen flag that has been created. The flag consists of three stripes, the first being red, then white, and then black.

Yemen is a country in Western Asia known for its ancient mudbrick high-rise buildings.

As we mentioned above, by using the regional indicator system, you can make this flag appear by combining the Y and E emoji. 

The Yellow Heart Emoji

Less well known than its fellow red and purple-hearted counterparts, the yellow heart emoji is often overlooked.

Yellow heart emojis are typically used to convey feelings of friendship and high regard for a person. Using these in conversation tells a loved one that you love and appreciate them.

Because the color yellow is typically associated with optimism, energy, joy and happiness, you can use this emoji to brighten somebody’s day!

Yawn Emoji

The yawning face emoji means exactly what it looks like! It can be used to indicate that you haven’t gotten a good night’s sleep and are feeling tired.

It can also mean that you’re feeling bored with the conversation and you want to move on to a more interesting topic. 

Yarn Emoji

This is an emoji you won’t have come across very often unless you are an avid knitter.

The yarn emoji is a ball of yarn that comes in several different colors depending on the platform you’re using. It can be purple, green, pink or brown.

Those who are interested in knitting and needlework can use it to talk about various types of arts and crafts.

Yin Yang Emoji

Yin Yang is a symbol that is universally recognized. It comes from Chinese philosophy and represents the feminine and the masculine.

It consists of a circle that is divided into two halves, with one dark and one light.

The two halves are intertwined and have a dot of each other’s color inside.

This means that although there are opposing forces in existence, they can coexist and live alongside each other in harmony. 

Yellow Circle Emoji 

The yellow circle can be used for various different types of messages where it might apply.

For this one, you can use your imagination, it could be a sun, a traffic light, a badge of honor or could just be used to denote the color yellow. It’s up to you to use as you wish! 

Yellow Square Emoji

Like its circular counterpart, the square can also change meaning based on context.

Most people use it just as a visual representation of the color.

Some sports enthusiasts have been known to use it to represent a yellow penalty card in soccer.

Again, the yellow square can be used to convey positive emotions based on its color. 

Yen Banknote Emoji

Another emoji that is less well known amongst users, the yen banknote emoji shows a stack of notes that have been bound together.

For those who do not know, yen is the official currency of Japan. In the foreign exchange market, it is the third most common currency.

The name yen comes from the ancient Chinese term ‘yuan’, which represents ancient round Chinese coins. 

Yo-yo Emoji

The yo-yo is a toy that many of us are familiar with from our childhoods, mostly for the frustration of trying to get it to swing back and forth.

The yo-yo has a very long history which most likely originates in China. 

In ancient Greece, ancient forms of the toy were found, made out of metal, wood or painted terra cotta disks.

The yo-yo was not popularized, however, until 1928, when a Filipino immigrant by the name of Pedro Flores used tricks using the toy to impress guests outside of a hotel. 

Final Thoughts

Emojis can be used to convey so many different actions and emotions.

They are an incredibly effective tool for telling others how you are feeling, as well as using them to instill positive or negative emotions within the observer.

There are so many lesser-known emojis in existence, and finding out about all the different types can prove interesting.