Negative Effects of Internet Memes to Know in 2022 (5 Effects)

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The Internet and its users have a way of making everything go viral. A word, phrase, image, video, or meme can go from obscurity to ubiquity in the blink of an eye. Such is the case with Internet memes.

These images – typically funny, absurd, and/or ironic pics – spread like wildfire on social media and other websites. Unfortunately, some Internet memes have a negative impact on their viewers as well as the world at large.

While they are generally lighthearted and humorous, they also deal with serious subject matter that might be upsetting to some or have a detrimental impact on those who view them frequently.

The following article details the negative effects of internet memes as well as how you can mitigate their downsides if you or someone you love is struggling with them.

Negative Effects of Internet Memes to Know in 2022

5 Negative Effects of Internet Memes to Know in 2022

The following are 5 negative effects of internet memes to know in 2022.

In the past few years, internet memes have generated a lot of positive attention. However, like many other forms of media, memes have negative effects as well.

Anxiety and Depression – One of the worst effects of internet memes is their connection to anxiety and depression. In many cases, if a person spends a significant amount of time on social media, they are more likely to experience these negative emotions.

If a meme possesses negative language, like racism or sexism, it can be triggering for people with certain mental health conditions. Additionally, viewing memes that are violent or obscene can create anxiety or trigger depression in people who are susceptible to these conditions. Body Image Issues

– Another troubling aspect of internet memes is the fact that some people may be triggered by them due to body image issues.

Certain types of memes might make them feel bad about the way they look, or lead them to compare themselves negatively to those depicted in the images. People with body image issues are often more sensitive to content that deals with appearance, so they may be more negatively affected by memes that focus on physical traits.

Violence and Hate Speech

Another negative effect of internet memes is the potential to promote violence and hate speech.


When words and images are taken out of context or presented in a way that is out of the ordinary, it is easy to misinterpret them and take them out of proportion. In some cases, memes are harmful because they promote violence, misogyny, racism, or other types of hate speech.

When someone clicks on a meme they come across on the internet, they do not know the context in which it was created or what message it was meant to convey. As a result, the individual might misinterpret the meme and take it out of proportion.

Ruins Shifting Focus

Another negative effect of internet memes is that they can distract us from focusing on more important things.

Some memes are so funny or intriguing that they make it hard for viewers to shift their attention away from them. In many cases, these memes have nothing to do with the person’s life, but they make them laugh or feel happy for a few minutes.

Such diversions are fine in moderation, but when a person spends all their time laughing at memes without taking care of their responsibilities, it becomes a problem.

Constantly Breathing in Faux News

Another negative effect of internet memes is that they make people constantly breathe in faux news.

Faux news is stories that are completely false, and some of them are circulated through memes. When people spend a lot of time on social media and constantly come across memes, they might inadvertently breathe in faux news.

People who spend too much time on the internet might come across memes that are completely false. They may also come across memes that contain partial truths that are taken out of context.


The bottom line is that internet memes have both positive and negative effects. While they may help you pass the time by making you laugh, they can also cause you to focus too much on silly diversions rather than more important matters.

Regardless of their effects, the truth is that memes are here to stay. They are an important part of internet culture, and they will continue to make us laugh, cry, and everything in between for years to come.