What Do Emojis on Tinder Mean? (10 Emojis that Work Best!)

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If you are single and ready to mingle, then it is likely that you have the Tinder app on your phone.

Tinder is a great way to get out there again and swipe for your ideal partner, but what makes the Tinder experience the most fun is when you incorporate emojis.

What Do Emojis on Tinder Mean? (10 Emojis that Work Best!)

Emojis are used by everyone to express how they are feeling, but when it comes to incorporating them into a flirty app such as Tinder, emojis become much more fun.

With Tinder, certain emojis will have specific meanings to them which allow people to understand other potentials on the app, but emojis are also a great way to show a person that you are interested in them and want to get to know them in a more than friendly way.


Tinder Emojis And Their Meanings


The rainbow emoji has become an icon for the LGBTQ+ community, and to have this symbol on Tinder represents that they are part of the community and are looking for others alike.

When seeing this, it is clear that they are either interested in the same sex or identify opposed to being straight.


If you see a unicorn emoji on a Tinder profile, then this shows that this person wants to be the third partner to a couple.

This can be described as a polyamorous relationship or a throuple and this emoji will often attract those looking for an extra addition to their relationship.


The fire emoji is another emoji that is commonly used, especially when talking to someone one on one. This is telling the person that they are looking hot, just like fire.

Popcorn and Snowflake

Seeing a popcorn next to a snowflake on Tinder means the person is wanting to Netflix and chill.

Netflix and chill basically means that they are wanting to watch a movie and have a quick hook up, but are not looking for anything too serious.



If you see that someone has messaged you with a single peach emoji or a peach next to a phone, then they are only after one thing – a hook up.

The peach represents a butt and having that next to a phone means they’re looking for a booty call.

Winking Face

A winking face is a lot more subtle but still shows that you are interested in the other person.

A winking face shows flirtatious behavior and that they are taking a liking to you.


A cowboy emoji is pretty simple – they are there for a good time.

However, this can be interpreted in whatever way they want depending on the context.

Baby Face/Two Fingers Touching

It is common to see a baby face emoji next to two fingers touching and this is showing that a person is shy.

This emoji is most likely to be used right at the start of a relationship when they are first getting to know each other.

They may receive a compliment and seem shy about it so respond with this.


Another very common one is the eggplant and tops the list for the most sexual emoji.

People don’t always use Tinder for dating so it is often you will stumble on the eggplant emoji, symbolizing a penis.

Tongue Wink Emoji

The tongue wink emoji is a little more flirty than the simple winking emoji and can even be seen as a sexual advance.

Getting this winking face could be used as the aftermath of a joke, sarcasm, or a sexual flirt.

Do You Need to Use Emojis on Tinder?

Do You Need to Use Emojis on Tinder?

Using emojis is completely optional but if you are wanting to get results, then emojis will become your best friends.

Emojis are a great way to get your point across, skimming past the awkward conversation.

If you are looking for love on this app then you can settle for innocent emojis such as the smiling blushing face or the red love heart.

If you are on Tinder for sexual reasons, then you can make that clear from the get-go by using emojis such as the eggplant or peach.

As well as using emojis to get straight to the point, they also show the person that you have a personality behind that phone screen.

By using emojis, your success rate with finding a partner will skyrocket.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to using Tinder, emojis are a godsend.

Not only will this help to make great connections with people by showing some personality, but it also shows others what you are looking for by being on this app.

Start using more emojis and people will be instantly attracted.