What do kik emojis mean? (Complete Meaning!)

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Every messaging app that you can download comes with emojis nowadays. 

While there are a lot of apps that use the standard emoji keyboard, there are some apps that like to put their own stamp on things and design their own emojis. 

What do kik emojis mean? (Complete Meaning!)

The most important thing to think about when using emojis is what they mean, there is nothing worse than an emoji faux pas. 

Don’t worry, however, we have done the work for you and created this handy guide to what the Kik emojis mean.  


What is Kik?

Before we get into what the emojis mean, what is Kik?  Originally an app designed for sharing music, Kik is now a messaging app that offers a little more than your average messenger. 

Within the Kik app, you can message, send gifs, photos, and stickers, pretty standard stuff. 

However, Kik also has a feature that is known as Kik Dating or Kik Hookup which allows users to use the app to date and meet people. 

One of the most popular features of Kik is the ability to sign up without having to provide your phone number. 

Are Kik Emojis The Same As Other Emojis?

As far as the standard emojis available in Kik are concerned, they look fairly similar to the other emoji keyboards that are available. 

In fact, if you don’t look too closely they will look exactly the same as the emojis that you are used to using.  However, there is a whole world beyond the standard Kik emojis. 

When you open the emoji tray in Kik, you will see that there is a little plus symbol in the corner.  If you click this, it will take you to your “emoji locker”. 


This locker is where you can keep emojis that you have bought using the Kik points in your wallet.

Kik points can be earned through playing various games, filling in surveys, or signing up for different services. 

The emojis that you can purchase with your Kik points are different from the standard emojis and differ from other standard emoji keyboards. 

The emojis available to purchase include things such as basketball smileys and even the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Your emoji locker can contain a world of fun. 

What do Kik emojis mean?

What do Kik emojis mean?

For this guide, we will be focusing on the standard emojis that are available to anyone who uses the Kik app. 

The locker emojis are a lot more specific and can either be used literally as what they depict or with a meaning that you decide with your friends.

Smileys & People

The emojis in this category are generally used to convey a particular emotion as depicted by the smiley. 

The meaning is often literal rather than abstract or symbolic.  For example, the sad face emoji is used to convey sadness, it can either be genuine or sarcastic.  

The smileys and people section of the emojis include emotions ranging from the standard happy and sad faces to heart faces, angry faces, and people doing jobs such as teaching.  

Animals & Nature

This category features emojis of animals, plants, insects, and weather. 

The animal emojis in this category are often used in content that pertains to discussions around animals, or that involve animals in some way. 

They can also be used as a visual representation of nicknames or pet names.   

The nature emojis are often used within the context of discussions involving the outdoors or gardening. 

They can be used when describing your location during a walk, or if you are camping. 

They can also be used to represent nicknames, much like animal emojis.  They can also be used as a way of giving a virtual bunch of flowers to someone. 

Food & Drink

The food and drink emojis are fairly self-explanatory. 

They can be used literally to visually discuss the food and drink that you are consuming or want to have. 

They can be used as a fun way to make dinner plans for example.  It can also be an easy way to send someone a shopping list of just emojis. 


The emojis in the activities category involve pictures of things such as performing arts masks, yogis, music, soccer balls, and almost any kind of activity that you can think of. 

These emojis are great for brightening up discussions around hobbies, talents, or work.  

They can also be used to depict actions such as chasing after someone using the running emoji when having casual conversations with your friends. 

Travel & Places

The emojis in this section of the emojis include symbols such as airplanes, cars, bicycles, and helicopters. 

These emojis are great for discussing travel plans in a fun way, or as a way of letting someone know that you are on your way to meet them.  

They can also be used in a casual manner to show that you are running away if you have done something embarrassing. 

Final thoughts

There is a huge variety of emojis available as standard within the Kik app which can be used to represent things in a literal manner. 

However, all emojis are open to individual interpretation based on context, and the great thing about them is that they can mean anything you want them to. 

Remember, be creative and have fun with your Kik emojis.