What Do the Brazil Memes Mean? (Find Out)

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The World Cup is one of the largest sporting events in the world, bringing together many nations to compete against each other. While some may not be so interested in watching it as a sporting event, many people can’t get enough of the memes that follow it.

Since this year’s tournament has taken place in Brazil, there have been several memes that involve the country. Here are a few examples of what those Brazilian memes mean and where they came from.

What Do the Brazil Memes Mean?

What Do the Brazil Memes Mean?

A meme is basically an image, video, or piece of text that is copied and reused in a new context.

Generally, memes are used to express a person’s opinion or idea through humor or a visual image. They’re often created and shared online, but they can also be seen in everyday life. If you’ve seen any of the coverage of the World Cup, you’ve almost certainly come across some Brazil memes.


They’re images, GIFs, or video clips that make fun of something related to the tournament. This could be a player’s skill, a manager’s decision, or a specific part of the competition.

Why are there so many Brazilian memes?

As with most World Cup tournaments, Brazil has been the source of many memes.

This year, many of these memes came from the fact that Brazil is hosting the tournament. Brazil is usually associated with soccer in people’s minds, so it’s a logical association. Many of the memes are about how Brazilians have been doing in the tournament.

Brazil is the most successful country in the history of the World Cup, so there’s always a lot of pressure on them to win. In fact, they’ve won the tournament five times, which is more than any other country. This year, however, many people doubted whether they could make it through the first round.

The Tainá meme

The Tainá meme is named after Brazilian player Tainá, who wasn’t expected to be a key player for her team.

In the first game against Japan, Tainá scored a goal for her team, which surprised many people. Now, whenever Brazil wins a game, the Tainá meme is used. This is often accompanied by the words, “Tainá is a hero”.

This meme came from a Brazilian journalist who was surprised by Tainá’s heroics. He said that the team had “found a hero in the village of Tainá”. This was shortened to just “Tainá is a hero” and has since been used to refer to any Brazilian victory.


The Big Nandor & Nandor Jr. meme

This meme is about Hungarian manager Nandor Hidegkuti.

In the 1950 World Cup, he scored six goals in one game against India. This makes him the leading goal scorer from the tournament and someone who Brazilians love to make fun of. One reason why there are so many Brazil memes is that Brazil has been knocked out of the tournament very early in each of the last five World Cups.

Many people have been saying that the country will be lucky to even make it out of the first round this year.

The Shrugging Coelha meme

This one is about the coelha, or Brazilian rooster.

Roosters are often associated with the country, with many commentators saying that they’re the “Brazilian national bird”. Because of this, there are often images of the country’s flag with roosters on them. The coelha has also become a meme because of how it sounds.

When someone gives a shrug, they lift their shoulders up and down. The word “coelha” is uttered in a similar manner, so it’s become a funny sound effect to go with the images.

Vuvuzela and Repeteco meme

Before the World Cup, many people complained about the vuvuzela being too loud.

This bugle was often played at football games in South Africa, where Brazil hosted the tournament in 2014. Now, whenever you hear someone making a high-pitched noise, you can be sure it’s the vuvuzela. This has become a meme because of how annoyed people are by the sound.

Repeteco is a word that you’ve probably seen used in Brazilian memes. It’s a portmanteau of “repetition” and “tactical” and is used to describe how Brazil plays.


Brazil is a soccer powerhouse and has been a popular source of memes during World Cups since the 1980s. From Tainá to Big Nandor, this year’s memes have been as hilarious as ever. From the coelha to the vuvuzela, they’ve also been as loud and annoying as ever.

While the Brazilians may not have won the tournament this year, their memes have definitely been worth watching.