Where is the Nail Emoji? (Where To Find It?)

There are over 3,000 emojis available for use on mobile devices.  There are also nine categories of emojis that you can choose from. 

However, most of us have some trusty favorites that we come back to time and time again. 

Where is the nail emoji? (Where To Find It?)

There is nothing more annoying than being unable to find the specific emoji that we want to insert in our message. 

Luckily, with our handy guide, you will be able to find your favorite emoji in no time, leaving you with more time to explore different emojis

What Is The Nail Emoji?

The nail emoji is also commonly referred to as the nail polish emoji. 

It is characterized by colored nail polish being applied to fingernails on extended fingers. 

On most platforms, the color of the nails is shown as either purple, red, or pink. 

The color of the polish does not affect the common meanings of this emoji. 

The nail emoji can be used literally to convey that you are currently painting your nails or otherwise getting ready for an event.  This can be used to explain a lack of or slow replies. 

However, the more common use of the nail emoji is to convey nonchalance or indifference. 

It can be used as a symbol to show someone that you are uninterested in the conversation or in a topic that they have brought up. 

It is often understood to be sarcastic or stem from an attitude.

Where Is The Nail Emoji Located?

As with all emojis, the nail emoji is located within the emoji keyboard on your phone or other mobile devices. 

 Within the emoji keyboard in your messaging app of choice, you will find the nail emoji in the smiley face category at the bottom.  

Within the smiley emoji category, the specific hand emojis are located about a third of the way down, and the nail emoji is in the last line before the legs emojis begin.  

Quick Ways To Find The Nail Emoji

Quick Ways To Find The Nail Emoji

Of course, it is not always necessary to venture into the depths of the smiley face emoji category to find the nail emoji. 

There are a few quick ways in which you can access this emoji without scrolling back and forth until you find it.  

Keyboard Shortcuts

The first quick way to find the nail emoji is through keyboard shortcuts. 

These shortcuts are different from what they used to be in the days of punctuation emoticons and now involve simply typing the words that are relevant to the emoji that you want to use.  

If you want to insert the nail emoji into your message for the first time, or without breaking away from your usual keyboard, you can simply type the word “nail”. 

Once you have typed the word, instead of pressing the spacebar, click on the emoji that has appeared in the predictive text box above your keyboard. 

The word that you typed will then be replaced with the nail emoji that you wanted. 

This shortcut or quick fix to access particular emojis will only work if you already have predictive text activated on your phone. 

If you do not have predictive text activated and want to use this technique, you will need to access your keyboard settings on your phone to turn it on.  

There are various words and phrases that can be used to trigger the predictive text to suggest the nail emoji, including nail, nonchalant, fingers, and manicure. 

Depending on your app and operating system, these words may not always provide results as well as the word “nail” does. 

Recently Used

Another technique that you can use to access the nail emoji without having to scroll through thousands is to use the recently used category. 

This is a great option if you have used the emoji recently, or if it is one of your most commonly used emojis.  

The recently used category can be found within the emoji keyboard in your messaging app.  It is characterized by the symbol of a clock. 

Within this category, you will find up to forty of your most recent and most popular emojis.

Depending on how recently and how commonly you use the nail emoji, it will be somewhere within the forty.  The more you use it, the closer to the top it will be.

If you use a lot of different emojis and have not used the nail emoji in a while, it will drop out of the recently used section of the keyboard. 

In this case, it will be necessary to either use the other quick technique or once again, scroll through the smiley category to find the emoji. 

Final Thoughts

There are many reasons why we might wish to use a specific emoji and it can be frustrating when we are seemingly unable to find it, despite scrolling through the right section multiple times. 

The quick ways to find the nail emoji in this article will hopefully have helped to shave a little bit of time off of your message composition.